Special Delivery from US! Whether you are looking for Consolidation, Expedited, Guaranteed, LTL, Specialized, or TL we are the source to go too!

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In 1975, US Special Delivery consisted of one truck and one driver. Today, due to emphasis on service and customer loyalty, we have become one of the largest freight solutions serving our region.At US Special Delivery, Inc., we provide many “Specialized” services including LTL, Logistics, Dedicated Delivery, Exclusive Use, Expedited, Truckload, Air Freight, Consolidation, and Warehousing and Distribution.

Our primary focus is overnight delivery to direct points in our Regional Market. This includes points in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Ontario, Canada. In addition, we offer our customers the ability to move shipments to the US and Canada through our Customized Routing.

We provide seamless Canadian service to all the provinces via our gateways in Sault Ste. Marie, ON and Minneapolis, MN, with both direct service and quality partnerships.

Each customer’s needs are different. We have many years of proven performance when it comes to your freight solutions. We provide clean facilities with heated docks and the infrastructure to distribute your product on your time schedule.

For emergency or time-critical freight shipments we provide an immediate response. That is why we have “special” in our name. We have a fleet of equipment from tractor-trailers to small vans to respond to your specific need whether it is moving across town or across the country. Call your CCC the next time you have a hot shipment that needs to move…now. It’s that simple!